300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Experience the transformative power of yoga with Trigyna Yoga’s 100-Hour Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India.

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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

This 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training is designed for people who want to become yoga teachers but is also suitable for anybody who wants to deepen their yoga practice. Join us for a month of traditional authentic teachings, a greater understanding of yoga, and self-healing via yoga. All yoga practitioners, whether beginners or advanced, are welcome and encouraged to participate in this teacher training.

Join the hundreds of students from across the world who have experienced Triguna Yoga’s unique and entertaining approach to yoga instruction.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

Duration: 2nd-30th
Language: English
Module: Residential with Meals
Level:Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Certification: Yoga Alliance
Style: Multi-style
Date: Mar 2nd to 30th, May 2nd to 30th,July 2nd to 29th, Oct 2nd to 30th

Eligibility Criteria to join our 300hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh

If you want to improve your yoga skills, you’ve come to the correct spot at Triguna Yoga. In this 300-hour Teacher Training, we will take you from the basics to the advanced levels of the ancient traditions of Yoga.It may be full of wonder, especially for those who have significant mental limitations. If you are already interested in learning more about the ancient Indian art and science of Yoga, it may be miraculous.

For those who have completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, this teacher training course may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to deepen your practice and acquire a larger range of Yogic teachings.

This 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course is open to people of all backgrounds, nationalities, and religions.

300hrs Yoga Teacher Training in India is suitable for

This Yoga Teacher Training Course was created by Triguna Yoga School’s experienced Yoga Teachers. While developing the course framework, we placed a strong emphasis on the needs of both novice and intermediate Yoga practitioners.

As a result, this course not only takes beginners through their initial steps into the world of Yoga, but it also assists intermediate practitioners in moving on in their path with clear directions.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Which Style do we teach at Triguna Yoga Academy in India?

Traditional Hatha, Ashtanga, and partially Vinyasa Yoga will be covered, as well as pranayama, yoga philosophy/ethics/lifestyle, anatomy and physiology, teaching methods, purification kriyas, mudras, mantra chanting, bandhas, and meditation. Aside from these primary areas, our team is enthusiastic about sharing its experience and teachings with you.



The Opening Ceremony at Triguna Yoga is Notable For Various Reasons.

The program begins with a traditional fire ceremony, which sets the tone for the one-month yoga journey, honoring the yogic culture and creating a sacred and auspicious environment.

Triguna Yoga provides small and intimate class settings, ensuring individualized attention from experienced and sincere teachers. These teachers not only possess rich knowledge but also teach from their own personal experiences in yoga, meditation, and spiritual practices. The close proximity of the classes to the accommodations allows for easy accessibility to the teachers throughout the day.

The teachings in this program have been adapted to suit the needs and necessities of the modern individual. Triguna Yoga’s experienced teachers have learned from traditional masters and gurus, and they incorporate these teachings in a way that is applicable and relevant to the modern lifestyle.

The program goes beyond teaching yoga asanas and emphasizes understanding the impact of specific asanas on mind patterns. This deeper understanding enables participants to transform their habits and certain mind patterns, both for their own personal growth and to support others in their yoga teachings.

Triguna Yoga includes naturopathy as an additional part of the training, introducing participants to the benefits of natural healing methods. The program also incorporates emotional detoxification kriyas, which are highly effective in detoxifying the body and releasing the effects of negative emotions. These components are well-loved and appreciated by former students.

In the 300-hour Yoga Training, participants will learn how to apply yoga tools for therapeutic purposes. This aspect of the training expands the scope of yoga as a holistic approach to well-being and healing.

The program integrates basic knowledge of Ayurveda and acupressure points, further enhancing participants’ understanding of holistic health and well-being.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the profound significance of correct breathing techniques. They will learn how to utilize pranayama and ancient breathing techniques not only in yoga asanas but also in daily life to improve overall well-being. The connection between breath, mind patterns, and emotional balance will be explored.

Triguna Yoga fosters a community built on love, enthusiasm, and a profound belief in the transformative powers of yoga. Every teacher and staff member is passionate and committed to providing the best possible experience for participants. It is a spiritual hub where knowledge seekers can grow and nourish their souls.

Overall, this program offers a unique combination of traditional practices, experienced teachers, modern adaptations, deeper understanding, holistic approaches, and a supportive community, making it an exceptional and transformative yoga experience.

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course Outline

  • During the 300-hour course, students will gain extensive knowledge of yoga postures, enhancing their physical and inner strength, as well as flexibility. The training will explore the connection between specific asanas and mind patterns, deepening the understanding of the body-mind relationship. The focus is primarily on Hatha Yoga and partly on Ashtanga Yoga, with some Vinyasa Yoga classes. Participants will learn 84 traditional and dynamic Hatha yoga asanas and a minimum of 40 Ashtanga poses.
  • The training covers pranayama, an ancient yogic breathing technique used for meditation preparation and vital for yoga practice. It improves the respiratory system, purifies the body and mind, and includes topics such as an introduction to pranayama, aspects of pranayama, different types of prana, and various types of yogic breathing. Specific techniques covered include Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing), Ujjayi (the psychic or victorious breath), Shitkari (hissing breath), Sheetali (cooling breath), Kapalabhati (frontal brain cleansing breath), Bhramari (humming bee breath), Bhastrika (bellows breath), and Suryabheda (vitality stimulating breath), including advanced variations.
  • Mantra chanting is practiced in yoga to generate vibrations and connect with the universe. Each mantra has its unique vibration. The training includes the recitation of various mantras such as Pratah Smarana (morning prayer), Ratri Smarana (evening prayer), Swadhyaya Prarthana (study prayer), Maha-mrtyunjaya mantra, Gayatri mantra, AUM chantings, Shiva chantings, Ganesha chanting, and mantras for the chakras.
  • Mudras, ancient hand gestures, affect the energy flow of the body and can influence a person’s spiritual and mental characteristics. The training covers different mudras, including Jnana mudra, Chin mudra, Yoni mudra, Bhairava mudra, Shambhavi mudra, Khechari mudra, Asvini mudra, Bhairavi mudra, Dhyan mudra, Apaan mudra, Samaan mudra, and Vayu mudra.
  • Emotional detoxification kriyas are a combination of techniques aimed at releasing emotional knots in the body. These techniques involve pressing points, breathing exercises, sound and laughter release, and meditation. The three-day program effectively releases the effects of emotions and toxins in the body.
  • Meditation is a systematic practice that promotes physical, mental, and emotional tranquility. It increases vital energy, improves blood circulation, and relaxes the nervous system. The training includes various meditation techniques such as breathing awareness meditation, AUM or mantra meditation, Trataka (focused gazing), tips for developing concentration, silence practice, cathartic meditation, Kundalini meditation, Chakra meditation, Sufi Meditation, and Dance meditation.
  • Participants will learn the practical aspects of planning and preparing a yoga asana class. The training focuses on creating a positive and peaceful class environment for an enjoyable and transformative experience. Topics covered include principles of demonstration, qualities of a teacher and teaching styles, using breath and voice while teaching, observing, assisting, and correcting students, verbal cues, functional modifications, handling injuries and safety precautions, guidelines for each asana, and assisting inversions.
  • Students will have opportunities to practice their teaching skills in front of their peers and teachers. The practice sessions include demonstrations, alignment guidance, and instructions. Participants will learn about the symptoms of a good teacher, delivering clear instructions, effective demonstration, proper alignment, and individualized care for each student.
  • Proper understanding of the physical body is crucial for preventing injuries during yoga practice. The training covers both physical anatomy and physiology, including bodily systems, organs, etc., and energy anatomy and physiology, such as chakras and nadis. Participants will learn about the major emphasis on muscular and skeletal structures, anatomical and skeletal differences, different body systems, proper alignment, the digestive system, endocrine system, circulatory system, breathing and respiratory system, practical applications of anatomy in postures, therapeutic applications of postures, and working with injuries in asana classes.
  • Yoga philosophy forms the foundation of the yoga practice and helps establish a well-rounded approach. The training explores the meaning of yoga, its concepts and history, the four paths of yoga (Jnana, Raja, Bhakti, Karma Yoga), Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, the chakra system and techniques for activation and balancing, energy or nadi system, meditation practices, the guru-disciple relationship, Kriya Yoga, the five types of bodies (koshas), Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, and Hath Yoga Pradipika.

The training includes all levels of Yoga Nidra, a practice that guides practitioners through various internal states leading to deep relaxation. Participants will learn beginner, intermediate, and advanced practices (Level I, II, and III) of Yoga Nidra, which involve guiding the body and mind into specific rhythms.

In this comprehensive 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course at Triguna Yoga, participants will receive in-depth instruction and practice in these various aspects, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective and confident yoga teachers.
What Client Says


Isabella Rossi Designer

I had an amazing experience at Triguna Yoga School! The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about yoga. They provided a holistic approach to balance the three gunas, incorporating various tools like naturopathy, yoga asanas, pranayamas, and meditation techniques. The atmosphere was welcoming and serene, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the practice. I highly recommend Triguna Yoga School to anyone looking for a comprehensive and transformative yoga journey

Ethan Johnson Designer

Triguna Yoga School exceeded my expectations! The curriculum was well-structured, covering a wide range of yoga techniques and tools to balance the three gunas. The instructors were patient and supportive, ensuring that each student received personalized attention. The combination of yoga asanas, pranayamas, meditation techniques, and yogic cleansing methods provided a comprehensive and transformative experience. I left feeling rejuvenated and equipped with valuable knowledge to continue my yoga practice. Triguna Yoga School is truly a gem

Aarav Patel Designer

Attending Triguna Yoga School was a life-changing experience for me. The dedication and expertise of the instructors were evident in every class. They seamlessly integrated naturopathy, yoga asanas, pranayamas, meditation techniques, and lifestyle guidance to help us balance the three gunas. The learning environment was supportive and encouraging, allowing me to grow both physically and spiritually. I am grateful for the transformative journey I embarked on at Triguna Yoga School, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of yoga and its benefits

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